Our Infant program provides a comfortable and nurturing environment where language development is encouraged. In our effort to encourage language acquisition, we read and sing to the children. We also expose them to learning Spanish by singing songs and having conversation, as well as learning simple sign language. We have designed our infant program to consistently provide comfort, attention, praise and love. Our infant room is setup to help our infants feel safe and comfortable from our comfortable rocking chair, where the infants are fed. We encourage tactile development through play with stimulating toys and interaction with our staff. We realize that the infant brain actually seeks out and acquires a tremendous amount of information about language in the first year of life. Even before babies can speak, they understand and can communicate a lot. We try to encourage this development by teaching them to baby sign and by singing to them in Spanish. Parents work with their baby’s teacher to set their child’s schedule to ensure consistency between home and the CareGarden. This also means that parents know the best time to visit during the day. Whether they want to feed their baby or just have cuddle time, parents are always encouraged to stop by.


Young toddlers play and learn in a bright and cheery environment with lots of opportunities for independent exploration. Activities such as circle time are introduced to encourage verbal and social growth. Finger-plays, stories, and songs are incorporated into each day to foster a toddler’s awareness of the world around them.

Get Set

The Get Set program for older toddlers is unique to the CareGarden. The emphasis in this program is socialization and the acquisition of self-help skills, particularly potty training. Although children potty-train at their own pace, the CareGarden teachers and toddler parents work together to provide the best environment for success. In addition, toddlers are practicing hand washing, putting on their coats, picking up their toys, and sharing with their friends.