The Teachablemomentscc Learning and Development Center was started in February 2001 by Aaron Simmons. In 2001, Aaron was relatively new to the neighborhood and was trying to find a quality childcare facility for his children, and was very disappointed with the options that were available.

There were several facilities in the neighborhood, some which provided supervision, but did not offer anything challenging in their curriculum, others whose prices were cost prohibitive, and curriculum didn’t seemed much better than the first group. Frustrated by these findings, Mr. Simmons used his prior experience as a teacher and entrepreneur to start the Teachablemomentscc

His vision of a center which provided high quality education at a reasonable price came to fruition in late 2001 with the opening of his family daycare. The Care Garden has grown from three children in the family daycare that he started to the 63 children facility that now exists. He has worked hard to ensure that his vision for a “caring and nurturing environment for children to grow and prosper in” has been maintained throughout the expansion. The Teachablemomentscc, “Where children are nurtured and greatness is grown,” invites you to come and take a look at all that we offer.


Teachablemomentscc Vision

To provide a safe environment which nurtures and educates the children, and also fills them with a sense of self confidence and pride in themselves, and their unique abilities. To provide an environment where childrens’ families also learn and assist in the process of our children growing great.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe environment and quality education, which prepares our children to grow to greatness. We not only empower the children with education and self confidence, but also work with families to provide an environment that nurtures and educates the child, family and fosters a sense of self confidence in them as well.